Main object

Make procurement with goods and services of state and rural area publicly, to organize procurement competitive and cost-effective, responsible in accordance with the principles of efficiency, transparency and accountability on all levels of funds, to provide international standards, support the economic development by supporting domestic producers and contractors.

The Procurement Management department shall carry out the functions of the contractor selection process in accordance with the Law on Procurement of Goods and Works of rural area.

Main Goal

  • To develop a procurement policy and project; to improve procurement system and legal environment and ensure implementation;
  • To make procurement publicly available, liable, organized, compete Equally and report promptly to ;
  • To provide transparency in procurement information and provide information to participants;
  • Provide technical and methodological advice for rural area procurement activities;
  • Receive and promptly resolve complaints made by citizens and public on procurement;
  • Develop proposals and recommendations for efficient use of investment and budget funds and improve their efficiency;
  • Improve efficiency of projects and activities implemented by public investment and recurrent expenditures;
  • To modify procurement process into 100 percent online form;

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