Administration and Legal Department

Main objectives

Within the 4th objective of the Government agency for policy coordination on state property, Administration and legal department is responsible to provide leadership, administrative advice and support to information and technology development, to organize implementation of legislation, to plan and organize activities. Provide organizational, professional and methodological support to head of department and non-vacant members. Provide leadership in human resources management. Provide legal advice and support on procurement of state property; responsible for the use of information technology of procurement in state and rural area property, to provide and develop software of procurement activities and elaborate e-procurement functions.

Main Goals

  • To organize daily activities of the agency; planning budgets and investments; organizing financial and accounting activities in accordance with legislation;
  • To strengthen the implementation of the decrees and decisions; to develop, approve and monitor agency activities, to resolve labour, social relations and training issues of employees, to expand and strengthen the organization's international cooperation;
  • To intercommunicate with media and public relations representative as the agency, to improve the internal legal environment of the agency, to formulate, implement, enforce, and monitor the rules, regulations and instructions;
  • To provide rural area units with professional and methodological guidance and monitor them;
  • To conduct inspection on the implementation of legal acts of the state-owned property and the management of the legal entity and take appropriate action according to resolution;
  • To implement step-by-step convert procurement procedure into electronic form, to ensure the straight and reliable operation of the unified system of procurement procedure, improving the coordination of government agencies through exchange of electronic data, Based on information technology to create a monitoring system on procurement procedure;
  • To respond complaints and disputes related to state property and procurement; to represent agency to court and law enforcement authorities, to protect the rights and interests of the agency;
  • To organize confidentiality and security of the organization, prevent corruption and conflict of interest, enforce relevant legislation and monitor implementation;
  • To organize board meeting, to oversee the implementation of the decisions of the board meeting, organize archives and clerical activities, receive and solve petitions, complaints and requests from citizens and organizations and conduct agency activities continuously;
  • To advice and support for decision making of management;

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