Registration and monitoring department

Main objectives

Within the 2nd objective of the Government agency for policy coordination on state property, Registration and monitoring department conduct research and registration on state owned properties, main obligation is to monitor the state's integrity and the state's financial position, keep records of state property, create database, enrich and monitor the registry; to investigate and resolve the property to be transferred from state property to rural area ownership, and ownership of rural area property to state ownership; to organize state property inspections and censuses in accordance with the relevant laws of Mongolia; provide advice and support on lease state property buildings and property, to charge off state owned legal entity's assets(sale, transfer, removal and disposal), provide advice and support to the management of the new assignment; Receive, consolidate and summarize results of financial statements of state-owned legal entities, do property and financial audit on state owned property: obligated to resolve the revealed violation.

Main Goals

  • To monitor ownership of state owned buildings, facilities, and property through property established ownership contract;
  • To review and resolve proposals for selling, transferring, acting and obtaining property of state owned legal entities;
  • To incorporate cash flow into the registry and consolidate financial statements of state owned legal entities;
  • To set rules and prices for buildings and assets of the state owned property on a territory basis and monitor their performance in accordance with the market price;
  • To provide assistance to rural area property agencies and specialists on property registration, information and monitoring;

Phone number: 62263014